Just Some Garlic

Well, I put some garlic cloves in some water and they grew roots. Easiest growing project I’ve ever tried out. The post I read about it said to just submerge the bottom of the clove and not the whole thing so it doesn’t rot. And it only took a few days to see roots shooting out from the bottoms.


This morning I planted these 7 cloves in my garden — you can see the one little sprout sticking up there. I ate the other one that had sprouted and it was delicious! Garlic chives are a whole new thing for me that I really want to incororate into my cooking.


This is one day of being in the ground. There’s already 4 sprouts showing. I took the picture with one sprout showing this morning and then this one below this afternoon.


Feet selfie! Feetsie!


Garlic is so easy to grow! I’m going to include it in my garden yearly now. So easy to plant and quick to grow.

(I’m also going to build a fence, or some sort of enclosure to keep the deer from munching everything like they did this year. Doesn’t lead to much of a harvest at all when they do that!)

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