Baby Pumpkins! And Other Things

New garden additions!! As the first year of having my own space to cultivate food, this has been my trial run. I had to add some good soil and compost to the area because it was just sand previously. I also realized, today actually, that my spot is mostly shaded in the afternoon, so I might trim back some tree branches to let in more light. It’s a work in progress, as everything is. I also haven’t spent any money on plants this year because I haven’t had the income for it since restaurants were shut down due to covid and I was laid off as a cook. Having said that, I am incredibly blessed to have been gifted so many plants and seeds to be able to grow this year. The thing about having space to grow things is that now I can accept plants from my mom and other people! Plus I’ve had this bag of different seeds that I can finally put to some real use. First of all, I wanted to welcome my little baby pumpkins to the patch: (update: I’m not actually sure if these are pumpkins or another type of squash) wp-15902701952037109192566422046105.jpgwp-15902701888772300281122323377892.jpg These are just 2 of the ones that I planted — I wanted to get some close-ups 🙂 And below are all of them together:
A little hard to see all of them, but there’s about 6 that survived the transplanting.
I used the whole second half of my garden plot for these, since they will take up a lot of room once they get growing. They had previously been growing in some gravel after being spilled on the ground, so I’m glad I was able to give them a better suited area to thrive in. (update: this area never received enough sun for these babies to take off, so I actually had to move them again later in the season to a sunnier area, but it was too late in the growing season at that point for them to produce anything) There’s also a new chive plant for my herb section:
Right next to my oregano.
Also, I’m really excited about my kale starting to come up: After a few days of consistent rain, these babies started taking off. The lettuce that I planted at the same time as this isn’t really popping up any green yet, but it might just have a longer germination period, or needs more sunlight. Not super sure… I’ve also got more pea plants coming up. I think all that I planted in this pot have come up but one. It will be nice to have a pea harvest, plus the plants look so pretty when they get larger. wp-15902703723806514791637945958500.jpg And I just thought my potatoes looked so lovely today playing-card-heart-png
These are the offspring of the only harvest I got last year!
That’s about it for today 🙂 Oh and I made dinner tonight! …which is exciting because I haven’t done that in a while. This is what we had:
Baked chicken drumsticks and Cesar salad. Simple and Yum!

And have a restful rest of your Saturday all you people 🙂

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