I Feel Like I Actually Have a Garden Now

Well, my plant family has come a long way so far this year.

They’re quite dazzling in the sun like that. Just look at my baby squash! 

These are all my edible plants: (so far)

I have squash, chard, and butter leaf lettuce that I got from my mom and transplanted into my garden. wp-15896001164128203212585746486659.jpg

Here I have the first pea plant I started and my 2 squash that were thriving indoors and have now drooped, probably from too much sun. I prop them up with some sticks in the next picture.

And this is all of these little plants together in the center of the area I staked out with some scrap boards.

There’s a row of iceberg lettuce seeds in the left back corner of this pic where the darker dirt is. And in the background to the right, I planted some…


Just planted this row of seeds last week, so I’ll have another update when this starts to come up 🙂

This is my tomato plant in the pot, which I’m probably not going to transplant.

I believe this one will produce dark blue-ish tomatoes.

The oregano is looking lovely, as always. Still the only herb I have growing here.


I planted the baby potatoes I harvested last year in this pot with some quality soil. Pretty excited to have something growing from the only “food” I produced last year. Yay for renewable resources that replace themselves year after year. Hopefully they get a little bigger than last time.

Just starting to break through the surface. I wonder what they look like down below!

And here are my peppers and spinach that I had in the windowsill before. There’s some lavender plants in the baby pot to the right, and watermelon there in the back.

So adorable!

Speaking of watermelon… this is the only one I’ve had sprout in this pot. And I know I planted at least 5 seeds in here. Not sure how old the seeds were that I got from my mother, but at least this one survived all these years.


And I do believe that’s it. Whew!

I’m putting in more of an effort this year to keep everything alive and watered every day. I want to see a real harvest this year and not just some puny pebble potatoes!

I also have a lovely rosebush from my sister that I added to the corner of my veggie garden for some color.


And the newest addition to my house:

A Polka Dot or Freckle Face Plant or hypoestes phyllostachya, if you like the Latin names.

For not having the income this year to really buy plants for myself, I feel so blessed to have so many. I’ve never really had the space to grow anything, and now that I have an outdoor garden and spots for house plants, I am loving it.

If you made it this far, I hope you enjoyed my little garden tour. It’s incredible how many people are using quarantine as an opportunity to put time into growing food or finding new ways to live sustainably. No better time than right now. That’s always been the case, but people are just finally realizing it 😉


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