This Fan in Front of Me

Let’s see if I can write 250 words about a fan…

Before this fan, this room was hot. Stifling even. But now it brings a cool breeze towards me as it sweeps serenely from side to side in a ceaseless motion.

Sundays are for fans. And naps. And you know how nice it is to sleep with the white noise of a fan in the background? Pure bliss.

There’s something simple to love in a basic fan. All it does is move air around, but you feel so much better with it than without it. Stale air gets gross after a while when you continue to breathe in the same particles, but when you have the ability to circulate the air around your house, you now have the freedom to breathe in all of the particles in your house. And that sounds pretty nice to me.

I remember long, sweltering summer nights in Chico, California. If you are unfamiliar with the heat of that city, just think of an endless heat that permeates the night, and that which makes it unbearable to go outside in the middle of the afternoon. Just really, really hot!

But if we had just had a fan in our bedroom, to keep our body temperatures at a tolerable level, we would have achieved greater things. The lulling sound of a fan as it endlessly sweeps from side to side could have taken us away into dreamland, far beyond the stress of our daily struggles. For we did struggle, and it was for the lack of a fan that we faced such horrendous tribulations, with no relief to be found. [263]

This post was a random impulse born of boredom and curiosity to see if I could pull it off. Also, if I want to continue to improve my writing, it’s gonna take random exercises like this to get better. I think I’ve fallen into a bit of a slump with how I write and what I write about, and my creative writing abilities feel a bit stunted. I want to rattle my brain a bit and see if I can shake out some of my old writing skills. Words used to flow out of me so fluidly, and I can see a definite decrease in my skills lately. Especially when I look back to my old works, like how I wrote when I had my other blog.

Senior year of high school was probably the peak of my writing ability. I had an incredible English Literature teacher who inspired me and pushed me to do my absolute best. We also analyzed books and talked about literature, so that was awesome too. Having something truly interesting to write about helped to coax the words out of me.

Without writing regularly, I will absolutely loose any writing talent I used to have. Use it or lose it. I also need to keep reading many more books to stretch my vocabulary and spark my creativity. I feel good about this random story of a fan, which I don’t even need to reread or edit further than I did in the original draft. It was a simple exercise, and it was fun for my brain. Also, it’s super hilarious and sarcastic, and I need more of that in my life so that I can take things less seriously. I’m going to just appreciate this little writing prompt about a fan and move on with the rest of my day.

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