So I got out my seeds and started planting what I’m going to attempt to grow this year. Last year at this time of the season, my life was in turmoil from quitting my job and moving, so I missed out on having any kind of garden. This year I’m stuck at home, so I might as well use my time productively while I have a surplus of it.

I put a couple seeds in each planter box, and a couple extra in the black pot for the watermelon (right):

I have peas, peppers, squash, spinach, watermelon, and some unknown flowers in the white pot (left).
I made some basic little paper labels for each and laminated them with clear tape. I forgot to make one for the watermelon, but they’re in a different pot so it’ll be easier to keep track of what those are.

I also planted some basil that American Spirit sent my boyfriend last fall for his birthday, “Birthday Basil”.

They send out birthday cards with a growing kit to encourage sustainable growing practices, and they give directions for how to grow the basil right inside the pouch and everything. It came with these dried out discs of dirt (wish I’d taken a pic of those, because they were pretty cool), and you just drop them in the pouch and add water to expand them. You sprinkle the seeds on top and then some dry dirt to cover the seeds. They germinate between 2 and 4 weeks. That’s pretty cool!

And the last part of my mini garden is my pot of 2 tiny succulents:


I got these as a party favor from my mom’s friend’s wedding last summer, along with 2 others that died on me. Somehow I kept these two alive all this time. Now they can thrive during the warm months and hopefully grow larger. I hope to get even more succulents in the future, since they’re super low-maintenance house plants.

And that’s it for now. Until I plant more things and have little sprouts appear Mr-400x400

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