Almost There…

Last time I gave a cabin update, this is where it was at:


I had just moved some stuff around and cleared off the bed so that we would be able to stay up there. Well, that never happened because we don’t have heat up there so it would have been too cold. Plus, we wouldn’t have had basic necessities like water or electricity so…

But this month we’re finally at the point where the pipes won’t freeze overnight. They’ve been unhooked all winter and now we can crawl under the house to put them back together. We also have to fix the heating element on the hot water heater before we can connect them again and have running water. The power is just flipping a switch, so that’ll be the easy part.

This is where it was at just recently:

I had the bed all made up nice and cleaned off and the floor cleared as well.

Right now everything is moved away from the hot water heater in the closet so that we can access it. So the bed is buried again, but not for long!

And this is the kitchen area; you can see the bathroom through the door to the right.

The counters in the kitchen and bathroom got all cluttered up and dusty over the winter, so I cleared and wiped them off to be usable again. There’s also a walkway cleared through the center of the floor, which I buried during the winter. You couldn’t even walk through the room without crawling over furniture and other random things. This cabin was my winter storage.

Tink even helped me to air the rug out.

And then, after I made all that progress, it snowed!

The stairs were completely buried!
This is Tink walking through the tunnel I dug in the feet of snow.

Now that the snow has melted and the sun is finally out, we can attempt to endure spending a night without heating. We have blankets and sweaters. I just want to be able to wake up and walk to the bathroom without getting dressed. You can’t exactly roam around naked when you live with your in-laws…


I’ll do another update after this weekend when we do some more work to our tiny house. I wanted to wait to post about the progress until we were living there, but it took longer than I thought. That last big snow storm took me a little by surprise and dampened my hopes of moving sooner.

The plan is to get everything up and running this weekend and get set up as much as we can. I’m so excited! I imagine we won’t be able to call someone to hook up internet until quarantine is over, but at least we can have a nice setup to chill and watch movies in. More pictures to come soon  Mr-400x400






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