When the Bread Runs Out

With all this time I have at home now, I’ve decided to embark on a baking adventure. I haven’t baked anything in about a year, and I miss the warm fuzzy feelings that come with it. I’ve wanted to make homemade bread all winter, but never put the time aside for it. Now I have all the time in the world with the world gone belly up. The idea came to me not out of necessity, but near to it.

The thing about making your own food is that when the unpredictable happens, shortages at the grocery store aren’t going to have such a devastating impact on you. The shelves at multiple grocery stores in our rural area are nearly void of loaves of bread. Thankfully, we had a spare loaf stored in the freezer, but things were running out fast due to foolish hoarding and widespread panic.

This is the worst it got. I’ve never seen anything like it in my lifetime.

I also felt like I needed to challenge myself. Too many things are easy for us, and instant gratification has really stripped us of true satisfaction. There’s a massive movement to return to our roots and experience the hands-on process of making something from scratch, to create with our hands and get dirty. That’s when you feel truly accomplished, when you can look at something and say,”I made that”. And without a microwave!

In this last month, I’m proud to say that I’ve made homemade bread not once, but twice! Now that is truly something I can feel good about. I’ve also shared this goodness with multiple households, so I’m really spreading the goodness around. Bread is best when shared, right?


This was my first batch, which I made at my sister’s house:

She only had one loaf pan, so I had to improvise

And this second batch I made at home, which came out much better after that practice run:

I don’t think I’ve ever made bread that turned out this well in mah whole life!

Amidst this crisis, we have a great opportunity to show some humanity toward one another. We’re all in this together, and there’s so much positivity going around that really encourages me. When we’re all isolated like this, it’s amazing how we can reach out to each other and spread the love. I think when this is all over, we need to declare a national holiday!

This is also the perfect opportunity to make some positive changes in my life, now that my world has been all shaken up. I want to start finding more ways of going natural and being sustainable. I’ve found multiple zero waste stores online, and I get pretty excited when I replace disposable products with reusable ones. I enjoy the responsible feeling that comes from reducing my plastic use and creating less waste in general.

This situation has got me in the mindset that I need to provide for myself. Knowing how to create and preserve my things will give me freedom from depending on an outside source for my essentials. Having a basic garden and the skills to make food from scratch comes in handy during times when you can’t count on much. It also helps to live in the mountains, which is the best place to outlast the apocalypse.

I hope this brought some joy to you today. Or something. I’m ready to leave negativity behind and embrace new, clean ways of living.

Now I think I’m going to go get this bread!


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