Birthday Books (2020)

I just bought myself a birthday present in the form of some…wait for it…


surprise, surprise.

But I don’t care if I’m an addict. I have no shame! Because I have an outlet for it so that I can express my unchecked love of books in a healthy and responsible way.

Anyway. The Mortal Instruments series is very dear to me, and has gone unnoticed on countless wishlists over the years, dating back to high school (which was over 3 years ago but less than 7…). So, like the extended additions of the Lord of the Rings, I had to get them for myself. Some things are just that special 😀 Not exactly sure when I’ll reread these books, because I’ve already dedicated this year to reading my random buys to thin my collection, but maybe I won’t make a reading goal next year so that I can revisit some favorites.

Cassandra Clare is one of my very favorite authors, and is still publishing new works (with a new Shadowhunters book coming on March 3rd…), which I just found out by looking her up. I also finished the Infernal Devices series (which I will eventually buy after I’ve reduced my book collection), but I would love to own as many of her series as possible. This was just the first step.

I definitely remember that when I was reading these, I would get so absorbed in the action that I would read through them pretty rapidly. The only downside was that when I finished, I had to say goodbye to another story that I never wanted to end. That’s how obsessed I got with this series. This time through, however, I’m not borrowing them from anyone so I don’t have to think about how long I’ve had them, and I’ve already found out what happens in all the love triangles, so I can really savor them. That’s how I prefer to consume most of my books anyway.

I have mostly series on my book wishlist. I just got the Eragon books from my mother last year, which was a big one. I think now I just need the Inkheart trilogy, the rest of the Series of Unfortunate Events (I have 1, 2, and 4), the rest of the Harry Potter‘s (I have 2 and 7 lol), and probably a few others. As for individual books, that list stretches on a lot longer, but I can’t think of any really crucial ones right now so they must not be as important to me as completing my series. Plus I have a lot to get through before I consider completing my collections.

These are up next on my To-Read list. Hopefully I’ll be able to let most of these go, but I won’t know until I read them. They might be too good to give away!

Now for some number crunching:

I have already gotten rid of 4 books out of my goal of 20 for this year. Those are: The Best of Me, Blue Nude, the Screwtape Letters which I read last year, and one a friend left at my house: The Paris Option. That last one didn’t really look appealing to me, and I knew I’d have to finish it once I started it, because that’s how I am.

But, I am still up this year. From my last Book Haul in January, I got 8 new books (the one I’m borrowing and the Little Green Book don’t really count). And The Mortal Instruments is 6 books. This year I’ve gone up 10 MORE books, even with trying to get rid of some… 

I don’t want to say that I won’t let myself buy or gain any more books this year, but I’m going to have to restrict that a lot if I ever want to have more room in my tiny little one-room cabin. I already turned down going to a book sale at the library, so I’m taking steps to deal with this addiction. Hopefully I can actually reduce my stash this year, but it’s a lot more difficult than I thought it would be when I first set out to do it.

Is there any hope for me…?


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