Book Haul!

I know this is my year of getting rid of books instead of gathering more, but sometimes I see ones I just cant pass up! I also went to a thrift store today, which I really should avoid until I get more books out of my house. Or maybe just not browse the book section, because I know I’ll always find something

Starting with the largest (in surface area, not pages) and moving down in size, I got this adorable little children’s astrology book:


I know I’m not in the age group this book is targeted to, but it’s a simple and easy little guide to zodiac signs and stuff like that. Not about to say I believe in that kind of thing, but I do think it’s fun to look up birthdays and joke about what you find about people. I’ll probably build on this collection in the future with other books about zodiac signs and astrology and whatnot. I think this one was $2.

I bought this one earlier in the week at my local bookstore in the Used Books section when I went there looking for a present for my little sister:


I pretty much just bought this one because the pretty, intricate cover stood out to me. I read a little of the back and it seemed interesting enough. This one was $5

Then I saw this one was intrigued by the cover art:


Should be an enjoyable little fiction; can’t wait to find out about the Kingdom of Bamarre, and why it’s lost. This was $2.

This one is borrowed from my mother:


The writing is super old-fashioned, to the point where it’s actually really entertaining to read. We were talking about his guy because we were trying to think of who wrote Gulliver’s Travels. This caricature on the cover is actually pretty accurate to the pictures you find on Google of this guy.

This was another from the thrift store today:


Huge fan of Riordan, ever since reading his Percy Jackson & the Olympians series and the Kane Chronicles. I don’t actually own any of his works, so I thought this was a good start to that collection. $2.

These two were on the paperback rack:


I’m super stoked to have found these, and don’t think I’ll be getting rid of them even after I read them. Unfortunately, that puts them further down the To-Read list because I’m in no hurry to get through them. I’m already reading It by King out loud to my boyfriend (well, “we’re” reading it together, but I enjoy reading loud more so it’s mostly me), so I need some variety after all that gore and darkness. $4 total for the set – now that’s a serious steal!

These two are also from my mom, but to keep:


Somehow I’ve never read either of these, but now that I own both they’re going on the To-Read list as well.

And lastly this little one:


“145 Simple Steps to Save the Planet”. So adorable, I just couldn’t pass it up! And it was just $1 🙂

I also bought this pretty bookmark at the book store:


So there’s the pile of books I added to my collection this week. I’m further from my goal of downsizing the books I own, but I don’t really care too much. Books make me happy 🙂





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