(Yeah, I definitely had covid looking back at this post in 2021…)

Not that I have a large enough following for it to really matter, but I have been completely unable to post lately. And I know it hasn’t even been that long since I last uploaded something (three whole days ago), but it feels like such a long time to me because I haven’t even visited my own site in days to work on any drafts. I’ve enjoyed this new creativity streak and have been trying to keep it going, until it derailed a bit this week. The reason for this is that I have felt like a big BM. An absolute pile of poo-poo.

I think I came down with the flu for a few days, which I fought off by sleeping as often as possible. It started Wednesday night when I was at the kitchen table doing a really difficult puzzle. All of a sudden, I start feeling really cold, even though I’m right by the stove. So I wrap myself in a blanket, and continue to get colder and colder. I start shivering uncontrollably. My head starts aching.

I climb into bed, fully clothed. underneath the covers, and I’m still chilled to the bone. Eventually, some heat returns to my body long enough for me to fall asleep. This is at around 7pm. When I wake up like an hour later from burning up, I de-layer and get some water. Then I’m back to sleep.

For some insane reason, I force myself get ready for work the next morning. Walking around in a haze, I consider texting my boss to say that I just can’t make it, but I need the hours. I drag myself into the shower, hoping that it’ll work its wonders on me. Not feeling that much improved from the hot water, I get dressed and just try to gather some buried willpower inside myself to drive to work and make it through the day.

Thinking I’ll have to go home early, I struggle though the first few hours, take some pain medicine, and start feeling slightly better by the time I clock out. I find that doing something when I don’t feel good rather than laying around helps me feel better faster. It’s a mind game.

Once I’m home, it’s straight to bed. My skin is hot to the touch. This continues all evening and night. But I wake up the next morning with a little more energy and am able to finish out my Friday workday a lot more easily than Thursday.

I was actually able to keep myself awake until nighttime on Friday evening, and for once wasn’t waiting for night to come so I could just sleep the pain away. I still felt hot and had a headache every time I moved.

Saturday, today, I woke up feeling sticky with sweat and like my head was going to split in two. Once I got some migraine medicine in me, I started to slowly feel better. Some scrambled eggs, avocado, and chia seed-infused water later, and I’m feeling a lot more energized and myself. The mindset that “I can do this!” definitely helps with recovery as well.

I don’t feel good with myself for letting this sickness completely overcome me, especially mentally. I’m not one to become bed-ridden when I don’t feel good, because that just enables your mind to stop fighting it as hard. However, I think that getting myself so much rest really helped a lot with speeding up the recovery. I never go down for long!

Now I’m ready to freshen up my room with lots of cleaning and laundry doing, and I’m going to keep at hydration and nutrition today. It’s been a challenge to eat these past few days, but I’m finally coming back to normal. The pain is gone, and I can actually regulate my body temperature. I even feel a burst of energy and optimism from overcoming this flu and getting back on board 🙂

And here we are.

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