Lots of Books

I don’t normally make that many New Year’s resolutions, but the one goal I did make for 2019 was supposed to get me back into reading, and that’s exactly what it accomplished. I wanted to finish one book per month for the entire year, and I finished two per month! A lot of the books I read last year weren’t that advanced, to be honest (like the Septimus Heap series and the Land of Elyon books). But they were fun to read, and got me back into the habit of reading often.

Before I made that goal, I hadn’t finished a book in years. It’s been years since I graduated from high school (2015) and community college (2017), so my time for mandatory academic reading is over for now.

However, my collection of books continued to grow over the years when I wasn’t even reading. I made quite a few trips to thrift stores and I came home with a stack of books because of how cheap they were. $1/book or cheaper was a lot harder for me to pass up than the cheap clothes there. So I just continued to gather random books I knew nothing about and that I wasn’t even investing time in to learn something about.

I also have some authors that I just collect, like Brian Jacques. You might know him most for the Redwall books, and other such tales with talking animals going on adventures. I’ve almost collected all of his works, yet I don’t think I’ve read any since before high school.

These are most of the tales of Brian Jacques. I own all of these and more.

Everyone knew I was trying to collect all his works, so that’s what they bought me at present times. This is one of the instances where I just let my book collection grow without letting go of some books at the same time. Add moving every year to the equation, and you have a disaster.

All in all, the number of books I’ve let go of last year was 9 (that’s actually more than I expected before I had counted them all). I’m not sure how many I took in…but at least I can say that 9 of the books that were in my possession at the beginning of this year are now gone. So there’s a little progress towards downsizing my heaping pile of novels.

Most of the books I finished last year were books I borrowed and then returned, so that didn’t help to decrease my number. I still need to finish the Secret Series and the R. A. Salvatore book I’m on now, The Crystal Shard. After these 2, I’m going to venture into the unknown by reading through the ones I’m uncertain about keeping. By this time next year, I want to be able to see a visible reduction in the books I own.

I’ve decided that this year my goal is not just to finish a certain amount of books, but to get rid of them once I read them. This more targeted goal will push me to read the books I might get rid of. I have those thrift store buys and a small collection of classics I got from boxes at my grandpa’s house. Those two categories are going to be where I pull my new books to read for a while. If I can give away 20 books within the year 2020, I think that would be pretty fitting.

20 Books in 2020…

It’ll be nice to get rid of some books and give someone else a chance to enjoy them. I’m only interested in keeping the books that really mean something to me. Even classics aren’t staying if I don’t personally like the book. I’m not trying to accumulate an entire library of literature like my parents, I only want the books I can’t live without. I’m the same way with movies. I don’t need to own every movie I’ve seen, like every Disney movie from my childhood or whatever. I only own the ones I truly love like the extended Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Tarantino collection. I did just receive the Eragon series by Christopher Paolini from my mother (4 massive volumes), and I also got 2 small novels for Christmas. But there are many books I have that I have no attachment to that I’m putting next on my list.

This year I will decrease my collection by 20, maybe even more. I exceeded my goals of last year, so I know I can do it again 🙂

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