This Book Is Not Good for You (#3) (I DID IT!)

I reached my goal! I actually finished 2 books every month for the entire year of 2019! As one of the only specific goals I made for last year, I’m pretty proud to say I accomplished it!! In total, I read 25 books in 2019. I didn’t expect to read that many, and I’m encouraged to increase that number in 2020.

This Book is Not Good for You is the third of Pseudonymous Bosch’s Secret Series. These are definitely more for children, but I love them all the same. Sometimes I enjoy an easy read for fun. Plus I always learn something from the author’s little footnotes and the appendixes he adds to the back of each book.

The artifact of this book is the legendary tuning fork, which makes this book’s sense taste. It can turn anything into whatever flavor you want, as long as you’ve tasted it before. Procuring this item takes a little sneaking around and blackmail, but that’s nothing that our mischievous trio can’t handle.

This one in particular is all about chocolate, and PB (an easier way of referring to the author) really has fun here talking about his own personal love for dark chocolate. The appendix is full of chocolaty stuff, including a recipe for indoor s’mores, how to conduct a dark chocolate tasting, and defined chocolate terms in the Chocolossary.

This book delves deeper into the pasts of our beloved Cass, Max-Ernest, and (new addition from the last book) Yo-Yoji. When Cass and Yo-Yoji consume Señor Hugo’s Palet d’Ors, (time-traveling squares of chocolate), they enter a dream state that takes them back to their pasts. Yo-Yoji becomes a samurai warrior, and Cass meets the Jester and discovers that she alone must discover the Secret.

With Max-Ernest controlling his samurai warrior with his Ultra Decoder II, the trio free the imprisoned children and Cass’s mom, and force the Midnight Sun to abandon their cacao plantation. Dr. L and Ms. Mauvais escape to…

and that is for me to know and you to find out when you taste this adventure for yourself!

All in all, this book made me very hungry. 100% cacao. 10 chocolate bars out of 10!

Anyway, I’m excited to have less books piling up around me (hopefully they’re not all so good that I have to keep them). Here’s to a year of downsizing. May this new decade bring in more peace of mind in my own life, and in yours as well 🙂

I talk about the series as a whole in my post The Secret Series.


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