My Attempt at Candles

This year I made some Christmas candles. This is my first attempt at dying and scenting my own candles, using soy wax. I bought 10 pounds of wax, a little box of mica powder colors, and some holiday dessert fragrances. Plus some super cute jars with snowflake lids.

The wax melting process I’ve done a few times before with other projects. Last December when I made chapstick was actually the last time I got crafty like this.



If you’ve seen the double boiler method for heating things, that’s all I did here. You have water in a pot below and you boil it so that the steam heats the stuff in the bowl. I could have microwaved the wax to melt it, but I didn’t want it to heat unevenly and possibly burn. This is a tried and true method for me. Plus it feels so fancy!

Then I added the mica powder for coloring. I used earthy tones for this project.


Blending the color into the hot wax.

And it turned out really pretty and swirly like this.
This is the red color I mixed for candy cane. I was trying to make it extra dark so when it hardened it wasn’t pink.

Then I added the scents and sloppily poured this hot wax into my jars.

My holiday scents.
The red color as a liquid. It came out pink when it dried though.

The wicks only came with one wick stabilizer thingy so I had to use pens to hold the wicks in place for the rest. It would have taken ages to pour one candle at a time.

The orange color (pumpkin pie) turned out amazing!
This is the brown for gingerbread.
I tried to do 2 layers for each and make some combo scents.

The ending colors didn’t turn out quite how I wanted. I need to do a lot more trials with pigments to nail the end color. Or maybe I could measure the ingredients I use…

At least the white turned out as white when it was dry. This is peppermint.

I’m sure everyone I give these to will appreciate the thought and time I put into hand making them. It only took me a little over 4 hours to pour all of these, and then I let them dry fully overnight.

Tada! My little lovelies.
Each came with their own little name tag too.

Overall, I really enjoyed this process. I need to keep one of these to test how well they burn and how they look and if you can smell what I put in. I’m excited to make many many more candles in the future now that I’ve done it and know how enjoyable it is. Eventually I’ll refine the process and only include the highest quality ingredients for a great end product. I can even do different holidays with pinks for Valentine’s and greens for St. Patty’s and pastels for Easter. There’s a candle for every occasion really.

Hope everyone reading this had a blessed Christmas time with loved ones, and my hope for you is for a Happy New Year as well! 🙂

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