Taking Life by Season

It’s time to tune in to the world around me. I have been increasingly interested in the pivotal moments within the seasonal cycle. The equinoxes, the solstices, and the dates between those which also have significance. I’ve been researching pagan holidays and ways to celebrate them, and while I’m not completely on board with the rituals and spells part, I do feel a deep desire to connect more closely with nature and tune in to the significance of the wheel of the year.

Autumn being a time of harvest and feasts and warm colors, I am looking forward to really embracing the season with fall decorations and comfort foods and taking walks in nature to really appreciate the array of colors. I need to prepare myself for the long dark of winter by surrounding myself with cosy comforts like tea and fuzzy blankets and an environment that I can be comfortable in for longer periods of time. Winter being a typically difficult time for me mentally, I need to fortify my mind against the weight of depression and grayness.

Last week I went on a nature walk to collect some woodsy decorations for my room.


I just took a basket up the hill behind our house and filled it with things that appealed to me. Pine cones, moss and lichen, some ferns. I’m planning to take another one of these treks soon to gather some fall colored leaves and bring them into my home to invoke a fall atmosphere.


That’s all for now. I hope to find more seasonal- inspired ideas to write about during this transitional period from sunshine to snow. I can use writing as my tool to combat my depression and even enjoy this time for its tendency to bring family together in feast and celebration 🙂

Happy late Mabon!


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