Doctor Who – The Happiness Patrol

By Graeme Curry

Book #14

The Doctor and Ace find themselves on Terra Alpha, a planet ruled by the tyranny of happiness. You’re killed by the Kandy Man if you don’t look happy enough for Helen A, the supreme ruler. Our 2 protagonists band together with the “Killjoys” to put an end to this pretense of happiness.

I enjoy dystopian stories like this one, especially with a reversed sense of right and wrong. You’d think people would want happy lives for themselves, but this tyrant takes things too far when she demands everyone’s happiness all the time and gets the opposite as a result. Anything people are forced to do, they will go against. Living in fear of having real emotions is just going to cause resentment for these regulations. It’s all fake.

This read was only a few hundred pages, and small ones at that. Due to that, it felt a bit simple and repetitive of the theme. There wasn’t much going on other than just trying to overthrow this twisted set of laws that makes people pretend everything’s peachy all the time. Once I got the theme, I was getting bored by how it played out. Even though it was a short book, the writing wasn’t inviting enough to make me want to read on. This was one I had to force myself to get through because I can’t put down any book I start.

I could feel bad for saying anything bad about a book, but I’m here to be honest, not to sell it. But if you enjoy reading backwards type dystopian stuff with occasional clever lines and Sci-Fi and Doctor Who material, this one’s for you!

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