Hot and Dirty

Let me start out by saying that I know very little about gardening besides what I tried to ignore from my mother as a child. The concept of “Gardening” always seemed very hot and dirty and unappealing in general. From the weeding and watering to kneeling and bending, this whole thing seemed like a lot of time spent in the sun and a lot of work to produce what is readily available in the produce section. I didn’t get it.

What naive little me did not foresee was my desire later on to become a part of this process and welcome in the hard labor and rewards of growing my own plants from seeds. So, because I refused to learn from my mother’s experience, I have to enter into this with limited knowledge. I can always ask her for help these days, but some things I will have to learn through experience if I want to really retain any useful info for the future.

This year was my first real attempt at growing and caring for anything myself, apart from failed attempts to keep house plants. This year I started a few projects lazily and without much research, and the results are surprisingly good for how little thought I put into it all.

Here are my squash when they first sprouted, which I started late in the season but planted anyway because I just wanted to grow something.
I transplanted them into the ground so they’d have more room, and their yellow flowers are so beautiful to look at.


My potato plant is already harvested because I think I planted it too early in the season and the plant was dying off.

It was a beautiful plant at one time. I had no idea what it was until I transplanted it, but I came to loved it.
I also had a beautiful tomato plant with 3 baby green tomatoes…
…until the deer decided to chomp the top off 😦

I still have one small green tomato left, and I moved the pot up onto the deck to hopefully escape the animals in the future. I think I need to start bringing the pots in at night because it’s starting to get pretty chilly here.

Then my most recent addition is my adorable little pea plants.

I planted 3 peas together not long ago because I was looking for one more plant project before the frost set in, and I read they’re fast growing. They’re already taking off, and I hope I can get a small harvest from then before the cold takes over.

So there is my small rudimentary beginning at gardening. I know next year I’m going to plant in the actual planting season and not super late. Moving and starting new jobs took my time earlier in the year. But I have a flourishing compost pile that will help my crops out next season and I won’t be moving anywhere. I’m satisfied with what I’ve learned and accomplished this year, and excited to dedicate more time and research to this new hobby of mine. I can grow my number of plants and hopefully have a greater harvest this time next year 🙂


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